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Rural Broadband: We must plan for the next 30 years

As the Biden administration gears up to invest billions in rural broadband access, industry insiders like the National Cable TV Association and AT&T have expressed concerns about the high cost of fiber optic technology. While they acknowledge that fiber is…

The True Cost of Rural Broadband

FCC internet subsidy will cover just 20% of cost in rural Ohio. Will it be enough? The Year of the Zoom Meeting has made one thing abundantly clear. If you don't have high speed internet, you can't participate in the…

FCC Math Puts Rural Broadband at Risk

In December 2020, the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) conducted a nationwide, $10 billion reverse auction to bring high-speed internet to rural areas. In Ohio, the auction awarded $170 million to 11 providers for a total of 191,000 households.…

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