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Speed Testing for Change State governments are using speed test results to decide where upgrades are needed. Become a speed tester and help bring better broadband to your community. Run a speed test now Rural America cannot remain disconnected Billions have been spent on rural broadband, yet reliable service remains out of reach for millions. Tell us how this gap has affected you. TAKE OUR BROADBAND SURVEY NOW


Our region’s economic, educational, and cultural well-being depend on everyone having access to affordable high-speed internet. Government broadband expansion programs must replace outdated rural infrastructure with technology that can meet the needs of today and the demands of the next 30 years.


How vast is the expanse?

THE CLAIM – Areas in orange represent 190,000 households that the FCC considers unserved based on unverified reports from internet providers. This estimate leaves out hundreds of thousands of eligible households.

THE REALITY- Our region has at least 340,000 unserved households. Many more are underserved, with less than 25Mbps download / 3Mbps upload speeds, a standard that was last considered relevant in 2012.

As state and federal funding becomes available we MUST advocate for transparent progress reports, careful evaluation of deployment plans, and network designs that meet established standards to handle 30+ years of growth.

Run a Speed Test

Speed test results are important! It doesn’t matter if your internet is fast or slow. It just matters that you run the test.

Government agencies are using speedtest data to verify broadband availability. The more tests people run, the more accurate the data.

Take our Survey

What kind of internet do you have at your home or business? Are you happy with it? Can you even get internet where you live?

Take this 5 minute survey and help document the true extent of broadband need in rural Ohio.


Legislature restores broadband funding, removes municipal network ban

Broadband expansion is back on the agenda for the state of Ohio. The state budget conference committee restored the Governor's $190 million broadband funding proposal and removed a controversial amendment that would have prevented local governments from offering broadband services to their communities. "This is good news for rural Ohio," said Misty Crosby, Executive Director of Buckeye Hills Regional Council. "We are pleased that the…

Broadband expansion: Ohio Senate cuts funds, limits municipal networks

With the state budget now in conference committee, the Ohio Senate is trying to eliminate the Governor's $190 million broadband expansion package from the bill. Senate president Matt Huffman also has slipped in an amendment that would make it illegal for local governments to install broadband networks, either on their own or in partnership with a private company. All four of Appalachian Ohio's local development…

Accountability is key to successful rural broadband expansion

Over the last 30 years, the FCC has spent $100 billion to improve rural telecommunications, yet much of Appalachia remains without high speed internet, cell signal, or even reliable landline telephone service. How did this happen, and where did all that money go? We may never know, because past funding programs had little oversight and no public reporting requirements. The Biden administration has promised to…


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