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We think broadband is a core utility that we must be able to provide to the city. This will help us in attracting new businesses and incentivize people to move here now that so many people can work remotely.

Greg Bricker, Mayor, East Liverpool, OH

Realtors in Coshocton County tell us that the number one question from potential home buyers is broadband speed and availability. Previously, the most common questions were quality of schools and parks. If a house is “Dark” (no broadband), buyers lose interest and look elsewhere for a home that has adequate internet access. Lack of broadband not only inhibits growth in our county but also creates a digital divide for our residents and businesses. The pandemic…

Gary Fischer, Coshocton County Commissioner

The pandemic lockdowns revealed an alarming lack of Internet access for students and adults in New Philadelphia. That added to the difficulties they had in completing homework and receiving vital public health information.

Joel Day, Mayor, New Philadelphia, OH

The pandemic-related need for students to take classes from home and employees to work remotely exposed the broadband disparity in Guernsey County and rural America, in general. A level playing field starts with broadband.

Dave Wilson, Guernsey County Commissioner

We have been unconnected for far too long, access to technology leads to growth, growth leads to prosperity. We have a beautiful landscape in the rolling hills of Appalachia, and it would complete the beauty to be able to connect to the outside world.

Mark Mills, Mayor, City of Coshocton

The pandemic and its exigencies changed our world. Without reliable access to broadband, our children can no longer compete in this new world where remote learning is a requirement and the Internet is the gateway to the entirety of the world’s information. Our sick and elderly can no longer access quality healthcare because their telehealth calls keep dropping and their physicians have slashed office hours. Our citizens are missing family reunions because their Zoom connection…

Andrew Body, Auditor, City of Zanesville

Two Perry County locals share what it's like to live in a community without reliable, affordable broadband.

Melissa Marolt and Michelle Wright

When children in small town and rural areas miss out on their right to an education because of lack of broadband, something must be done. Casey Coffey, superintendent of New Lexington City Schools speaks about how he has seen education impacted by lack of broadband.

Casey Coffey

I live outside of Beverly and our house does not have access to high speed internet. I know that Verizon just put a hub down the street from us and I believe it is for Fiber. Spectrum stopped 5 houses down from us. Our neighbor recently contacted Spectrum and they said they would connect us if we could get the other neighbors signed on as well. First an elderly couple would have to sign on…

A Washington County, OH resident

Former mayor of Crooksville, Ohio, Fred Redfern, discusses the challenges that rural communities face due to lack of broadband access, especially as regards the education system.

Fred Redfern

I have a daughter that is a sophomore at AHS that has been participating in the virtual learning. At our house we only have only one internet provider available, Frontier, and it cuts out 50+ times during a school day every day. They have been out to service it and we have done everything we can and it is not reliable for her to learn properly. She gets kicked off of zoom lectures and also…

A Parent in Athens City School District
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