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State governments are using consumer-initiated Speedtests® to learn where better broadband is needed.
It doesn’t matter if your internet is fast or slow. It just matters that you run the test.


  1. Install Speedtest by Ookla® on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet.
  2. Connect to wi-fi.
  3. Open the Speedtest® app and tap GO.
  4. Your results will automatically be added to the state-wide data for your community.

Run lots of tests: Different days, different times, different locations. The more results, the better!

Why Speedtests® Matter

Speedtest Intelligence® can help show how widespread the need for better broadband really is. Every time you run a test, it paints a clearer picture of how good or bad the internet is in your community. The more tests people run, the more accurate the data will be.

Why Ookla®? Ohio and many other states are using Ookla Speedtest Intelligence® to help verify broadband availability. The more consumer-initiated test results an underserved road, township, village, or city has, the better the chances for an upgrade.

Why the mobile app?
 Location, location, location! The Android and iOS apps include accurate location data. The website does not. The mobile app also can tell the difference between a problem with your router and a problem with your internet provider.

Protecting your privacy: Consumer-initiated Speedtests® include neighborhood-level location data only. Your address is not identified.

Want to do more?

Take our broadband survey. It takes less than 5 minutes, and it can have a big impact.

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