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High School Student Needs Access to the Internet

I have a daughter that is a sophomore at AHS that has been participating in the virtual learning. At our house we only have only one internet provider available, Frontier, and it cuts out 50+ times during a school day every day. They have been out to service it and we have done everything we can and it is not reliable for her to learn properly. She gets kicked off of zoom lectures and also when trying to take tests, etc. We also have one of the school district’s hotspots but it is not sufficient for zoom meetings. Her virtual school schedule is 7:50 AM until 3 PM Tuesday through Friday. We are looking for a safe solution for her to learn. I understand that the Athens Public Library has 2 conference rooms available on a first come first serve basis and the library opens at 9 AM. I talked to my daughter about this and she would be happy to use a conference room at the library but she is attending back to back classes online with her first break at 11:15 AM. So it would not work for the morning as she can’t be absent from class to get to the library. Plus if she arrived at the library for the afternoon sessions since the conference rooms are first come first serve it may not work as a solution or certainly wouldn’t be a consistent solution. I checked with the Albany and Plains branches and I understand that they each have 1 conference room but they have been converted to office spaces for social distancing so they don’t work. I am wondering if you have any ideas for solutions. She is taking honors and AP courses (mostly junior level) and is a really good kid. I need to find a solution for her to properly learn in our community.

A Parent in Athens City School District
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