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Bridging the digital divide in Ohio with GIS

Using geographic information system (GIS) technology, Reid Consulting Group has helped Connecting Appalachia partners increase insight into their community broadband needs and develop a comprehensive broadband strategy. Platte River Analytics, a bronze Esri partner, and Reid Consulting Group teamed up to derive broadband coverage ratings for all of Ohio, combining internet speeds, demographics, and GIS spatial analyses.

SpaceX loses 40 satellites to geomagnetic storm a day after launch

SpaceX has lost dozens of satellites after they were hit by a geomagnetic storm a day after launch, causing them to fall from orbit and burn up. The company, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, said up to 40 of 49 satellites from last week's launch were hit. They had been due to join its Starlink satellite internet project.

High Speed Internet coming to Amesville

ATHENS, COUNTY-A nearly $1 million project promises to bring reliable, high speed internet to Amesville, which currently experiences among the slowest internet speeds in the county. “We have a fairly low cost of living in our area and beautiful countryside, so I think instead of young people moving away, I could see more people deciding to live here and start businesses,” said Amesville Mayor Gary Goosman. “I think young people will do a lot of innovative things because they have access to high-quality broadband.”

OMEGA Developing a Study to Expand Broadband Connection in Rural Areas

Zanesville- Ohio is moving at a rapid pace when it comes to internet speed and the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association (OMEGA) are working to strengthen that connection through their Broadband Feasibility Study. Only 71 percent of the populated area and 21 percent of all households do not have sufficient broadband speeds or access in Muskingum County, according to Kennedy Blakely, the Communications Manager with OMEGA.

Ohio Ohio Weekly: Rural Broadband Expansion

Earlier this year, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 2 into law, creating the Ohio Broadband Expansion Program. Then, as part of the state’s new biennial budget, $250 million dollars was earmarked to allow internet service providers to apply for grants that will help fund the infrastructure needed to provide faster internet access to underserved rural Ohio communities. How soon will Ohioans see a difference in their broadband offerings and what does that process look like? On this week’s Our Ohio Weekly, we connect with experts to talk about rural broadband.

Extending broadband: ‘It’s a rather stark picture for Guernsey County’

More than 75% of Guernsey County's geography including 40% of homes do not have access to broadband service that meets minimum standards, according a study conducted by Reid Consulting Group in Athens. That was the news delivered to Guernsey County commissioners Wednesday during a zoom meeting with Tom Reid and Sean O'Malley of Reid Consulting Group and officials from the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association.
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