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Most locations cannot get 25 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up. Many areas report less than 10/1 or no service at all.

559.8 Sq. Miles

441.6 Unserved

0-10 Mbps: 318.9 mi2
10-25 Mbps: 122.8 mi2
25-50 Mbps: 84.8 mi2
50-100 Mbps: 28.8 mi2
100+ Mbps: 0.4 mi2

13,889 Households

7256 Unserved

0-10 Mbps: 4,512
10-25 Mbps:  2,744
25-50 Mbps: 1,925
50-100 Mbps: 1,778
100+ Mbps:  110

Open Middle Mile: 102.83 miles
Middle mile fiber bridges the gap between an internet provider’s central offices and local communities. It is necessary not only to reach individual homes (“the last mile”) but also to support 5G mobile coverage.

“Open” middle mile lets all comers lease capacity on an equal footing. Fiber that belongs to a single carrier is “closed.” Regions with open middle mile tend to have lower rates and better service.

Road Frontage: 438.25 miles
Broadband expansion projects often follow township, municipal, state, and federal roads. Private lanes and driveways are not included in this figure.

Statewide Speed Rank: X
Based on a comparison of county-wide average Ookla Speedtest® download and upload speeds with the other Ohio counties.

RDOF Coverage: XX% households | XX% square miles
The FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) subsidizes internet providers to install broadband in unserved locations. The higher the percentage of ROOF-eligible territory in a county , the greater the need for improved broadband.


Development District

During the RDOF auction, Ohio wound up with one of the lowest subsidy rates in the country (20%). Of the many providers who won subsidies, Charter Communications has confirmed their intention to build new networks, and they have the financial resources and technical expertise to do so. Other providers have fewer financial resources, widely scattered territories, and a lack of experience with fiber. The federal government is treating these awards as tentative until after a more thorough financial review, so some of this territory may go unserved yet again.

Charter  123 mi2  1,234 households

Other Carriers  45 mi234 households

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