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Connecting Appalachia partners have shared some broadband connectivity success stories that are already benefiting our communities. The Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency (OME-RESA), the Information Technology Center for 11 eastern Ohio counties, told us about an initiative to expand the use of broadband technology into our region’s schools.

K-12 Success Story

The Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency (OME-RESA), the Information Technology Center for 11 eastern Ohio counties, helped the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District in Monroe County win a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) “Strengthening 21st Century Skills” grant to provide enhanced library services for K-12 students. The district is using the grant to fully automate eight new and renovated library/media centers serving 2,583 students and 350 staff members. When the project is completed in fall 2011, it will:

  • Enable students and staff to acquire 21st century skills
  • Integrate technology to enhance all areas of the curriculum
  • Provide adequate infrastructure for district technology needs
  • Provide student and school personnel access to current technology

Want more examples of what schools can do with broadband? Click here to learn about the Center for Science and Industry’s (COSI) award-winning Videoconferencing Programs!

Listen to WOUB's coverage of this inspiring initiative.

Healthcare Success Story

Patients of Chillicothe-based Adena Health Systems have already realized benefits from fiber broadband connectivity to implement telemedicine. Telemedicine uses electronic communications to improve patient care by allowing doctors to e-mail detailed X-rays or other large files for review by other specialists; monitor the vital signs of a patient who is at home; and consult with patients by videoconference, among other tasks.

Telemedicine is part of a larger trend called telehealth, which uses 21st-century technology to improve all aspects of health care beyond clinical services. For example, broadband connections allow hospitals and clinics to create more detailed and useful health information Web sites, access continuing medical education courses remotely, and offer nursing call centers.

Click here to read about Adena Health System’s success story.



Fiber-optic broadband connectivity provides a vast array of opportunities for CAIs to explore as they look to serve their constituents in the 21st century. Did gaining access to broadband Internet allow the children in your school to further their knowledge in a particular subject or project? Do you have a story of a patient whose medical care was enhanced by broadband-enabled telemedicine? Send your broadband access success stories to: - (866) 418 8126 -