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Anchor points for the Connecting Appalachia broadband network are listed below.

  • 25 community colleges, 15 university campuses and 4 career training centers serving 55,656 students
  • 34 county 911 centers
  • 32 State of Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) towers
  • 212 healthcare facilities and county health departments including 14 Federally Qualified Health Centers, 5 Critical Access Hospitals, 4 Rural Health Clinics and the Chillicothe VA hospital and its 5 outpatient clinics
  • 231 K-12 school buildings serving 110,000 students
  • 34 industrial parks
  • 5 state park conference centers

Last mile providers will partner with Horizon Telcom to provide broadband service to the home.

If you would like to be considered as a CA local partner, contact

Read the Connecting Appalachia Position Paper.


Progress map

Did You Know?

As one of three middle mile projects awarded in Ohio, Connecting Appalachia will expand broadband Internet access to the poorest counties in the state, serving to provide a way forward for economic development and quality of life for our culturally unique region. Here are some facts about the area that highlights the need for broadband service.

  • CA will cover 16,998 square miles
  • 58.9% of the project area lacks basic broadband services
  • Of 705,000 households in the project area, 457,000 are underserved and 125,000 remain unserved.
  • Of the 34 counties in the CA region, 31 are economically distressed, 15 are designated as "distressed" or "at-risk" by the Appalachian Regional Commission
  • 13 of the 34 counties endure unemployment 3.5% or more above the national average with a peak of 19.1%
  • 15 project counties suffer from poverty rates 5% or more above the national average with a peak of 29.6%

Project Map

Most of the project area currently lacks the high-speed reliable fiber-optic services required for today’s business, educational and health care applications. By adding 29 connection points (Points of Presence or POPs) to the existing OARnet anchor points, Horizon will provide for a POP in each of the 34 project counties. From those POPs, Horizon Telcom will extend fiber-optic internet cables to schools, colleges, universities, government offices and healthcare facilities. Local Internet service providers can sign on as project partners to offer last-mile service to county residents. - (866) 418 8126 -