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Because this project is federally subsidized by the NTIA, CAIs selected in the Connecting Appalachian region will not be charged by Horizon Telcom for the cost of installing the fiber-optic lines to your facility.

Why is a fiber-optic connection better than what we already have?

A fiber-optic broadband connection is the most robust and the fastest Internet connection available. Facilities have the choice of speeds—from 10 to 10,000 Mega bites/second (Mbps)—that best suits their needs.

How can this high-speed Internet connection help my institution?

High-speed Internet access will:

  • Give K-12 and higher education institutions access to today’s global educational opportunities — opportunities for which broadband connectivity is essential

  • Expand access to world‐class health care using broadband medical tools such as consultation with specialists via videoconferencing and electronic health records

  • Include Appalachian Ohio in 21st century economic development plans for existing business and new areas of growth such as biomedical research, engineering development, solar and wind energy, and information technology

  • Enable access to cutting-edge public safety tools that require the fastest Internet connections available for first responders

When is fiber coming to my institution?

Steady progress has been made in the Connecting Appalachia project so far. CAIs in Ross, Pike, Scioto, Highland, Pickaway, Jackson, Gallipolis, Athens and Vinton counties have Horizon services available* and several are already connected! This newsletter will provide all CAIs with updates on when you can expect Horizon Telcom to begin building the fiber-optic network in your county. In general, you can expect a visit from Horizon within the next 6 months.

* Email or call (740) 566-9013 for more information about network connection timelines.



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